Friday, April 21, 2017

Building a Brewery: Weeks 45-46

I want to start off this post with one last word of gratitude for everyone that helped us with our Indiegogo campaign. While we didn't reach our monetary goal, we were able to reach more craft beer fans and have a few excellent parties with each other. Now is the time to roll up our sleeves and actually start to build this thing.

For those of you who have been to our building, you know that the floors are just a mess. Glue, tape, paint, weird stuff... yeah. We decided we would see if rehabilitating the floor was within our capabilities. The resounding conclusion was "LOL nope." We tried chemical adhesive remover, floor maintainer with a carbide scraper attachment, we even tried literally scraping the glue from the floor with a floor stripper, and alas the only thing that was removed was our interest in continuing the futile battle. You win some, you lose some, I guess.

In an effort to keep the weekend from being a total loss, we decided to try a couple different shades of paint for the taproom building. Seeing as how the tremendous amount of orange in the building was slowly but surely causing me to lose my grip on reality, we decided a hefty application of Aggie maroon would be just right. We bought a couple of cans of paint and rolled it right on while listening to a couple spooky podcasts. Pro-tip: Don't listen to spooky podcasts when you're in a large empty building on a windy night with lots of mirrors and not all the lights on.

We have been very fortunate to have lots of you fine folks ask if you can help us with some of the renovations, and I believe we will have our first Work for Beer day in May. The goal will be to re-surface the deck as well as some general TLC for the backyard area. I will set up an event on Facebook and make sure to email y'all a few weeks in advance so we know how many hands we'll have and how many glasses to fill at the end of the day.

I also want to remind y'all that throughout the brewery buildout, we will make our large and unique space available for event rental. Now we're not a fancy ballroom, we don't have crown molding, and sadly, no we can't make chicken cordon bleu for y'all. But what we do have is a large, one-of-a-kind space that would be great for parties, celebrations, club meetings, flea markets, etc. We want our community to become a part of our brewery, and vice versa. If you or someone you know is interested in having an event in our space, please email me at


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Building a Brewery: Weeks 43-44


We only have a few hours left in our Indiegogo campaign, so if you were waiting for some sort of sign, THIS IS IT! It doesn't matter if you have $1 or $100 to give, every single dollar counts and will go into our taproom and beer garden budget, even if we don't reach our goal. This is the last crowdfunding campaign we are going to run, and when it's over your options for actively helping New Main Brewing get started will be of the elbow-grease and personal-time variety. Not that we don't want your blood, sweat, and tears if you're offering, but I mean money just seems a little easier. And potentially less smelly.

Our goal was $40,000 for taproom and beer garden improvements, but it doesn't look like we're going to hit that mark in the last few hours here (unless our Beer Garden and Talking Fermenter videos go viral). That being said, Indiegogo is a flexible goal crowdfunding site, meaning whatever the campaign raises goes directly to our project so that we can get you all the cool perk items you ordered and so that we can build you an amazing taproom and beer garden. 

With 13% of our goal reached, that just means the taproom and beer garden improvements are going to be more DIY and less grand than we had hoped for. However, the campaign is and was about bringing the community together around the Nautilus symbol, and I think we've amassed a fine group of craft beer fans that are ready to see another great addition to the DFW craft beer scene. We are so very fortunate to have had the chance to pour y'all some free beer and talk about our plans.

We want to acknowledge and thank each of our wonderful fans and backers throughout the campaign. Your contributions not only earn you some exclusive New Main Brewing swag and apparel, it earns our eternal gratitude and admiration. Special thanks to:

Gerald C.
Kyle F.
Clydene S.
Emily W.
David & Lori N.
Barbara L.
Teresa B.
Jim & Brenda C.
Kevin & Tammy H.
Ashton S.
Chris & Alicia W.
Denise G.
Russ B.
Diane J.
Maurice K.
Kay C.
Marshall N.
Steven K.
Jeff K.
Randy N.
Brian B.
James L.
Zach T.
Fernando Z.

You guys are all rockstars, and we are forever grateful to count you among the faithful New Mainiacs. 

For those of y'all that participated in our Facebook Share competition, winners will be announced Friday, so make sure to stay tuned to our social media pages for updates. If you can do us one last favor before the Indiegogo campaign is over, please share our campaign link with all of your friends and family and tell them you're helping to build New Main Brewing in Pantego. Cheers!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Building a Brewery: Weeks 40-42

I'd like to get a hold of the person that decided days are only 24 hours long. We're so dang busy we can barely see straight, and it's not just the beer talkin'. In the last few weeks we've poured countless free samples of New Main beer at some of our favorite places like On Tap in Arlington, Dr. Jeckyll's Beer Lab in Pantego, and LUCK in Dallas. We have one last great big ol' party to throw, and wouldn't you know it, it's going to be right next door to our brewery!

You are hereby invited to "Not Your Mother's Fundraiser" on Friday, March 31st at the Pantego Lions Club, a party featuring Jambo's Barbecue, a local DJ spinning tunes, door prizes, yard games, a full-on auction, and of course New Main beer! We're also going to take a field trip next door to look at our soon-to-be-brewery. Tickets are $15 for those planning on sampling New Main beer, or you can participate in the festivities sans-alcohol by purchasing a $5 Designated Driver ticket.

We will have many of the fine New Main beers you've come to know and love as well as some never before seen variations of our stout, wit, and IPA. We may even have some uber-rare barleywine to sample as well! Jambo's Barbecue will be in the house serving up some tasty appetizers. We'll have games, music, prizes, and some words from the New Main crew to thank everyone for their part in making New Main Brewing a reality.

Don't forget, the New Main Brewing Indiegogo campaign is almost over, so make sure to grab your limited edition New Main t-shirts, pint glasses, growlers, embroidered brewer's shirts, personalized barstools in the taproom, VIP memberships, and brewery rentals while you still can! Go to and secure your perk package right now!

To those of you who have contributed to our campaign, we are forever in your debt: 

Brian H.
Sonny S.
Julie C.
Michael P.
Maurice K.
Jeff D.
Cynthia B.
(Rockin') Reid D.
Karen N.
Trent D.
Hami A.
(and a few anonymous beer fans)

From everyone at New Main working hard to bring Pantego fresh craft beer, thank you so much for becoming a part of our story. We hope to see each of y'all and your friends and family at our party Friday, March 31st in Pantego!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Support New Main Brewing Co. on Indiegogo!

After much hinting, several not-so-subtle clues, and countless hours of prep work, we are excited to announce our Indiegogo campaign!

Remember all those times you said to yourself, "SELF! I just love New Main Brewing so, so much. I wish there was some way I could show my support and at the same time help build an outstanding community taproom and beer garden while getting some great, exclusive New Main Brewing Co. swag in the process." Well now you can!

Our dream is to build an outstanding taproom and beer garden where beer fans can come relax, sample a variety of our main recipes alongside the new variations we roll out every month, and learn about everything the world of craft beer has to offer. Our goal is to raise $40,000 to help us fund construction, renovation, and upgrades to your community brewery-to-be.

All you have to do is go to and select which donation/perk package you want. Whether it's a couple of New Main Brewing pint glasses, an embroidered brewer's shirt, or even a party with us once the taproom is complete, there are several ways you can become a part of the New Main Brewing story. You can also watch our home-brewed crowdfunding video at to see how we got our start in the brewing world and to learn more about why we're turning to our fans to help us build our community taproom and beer garden.

Alongside our Indiegogo campaign, we are dedicating an entire batch of beer to be featured at a special Indiegogo Wrap Party in Pantego! The #PANTEGOgo batch is our very own Friday Night White Belgian witbier, which we will split into a bunch of different variations for you to sample in a horizontal tasting. You can even track its progress on our Indiegogo page as we brew, ferment, package, and serve this delicious witbier for your enjoyment. As we have more details to share, we will update our blog and send out email reminders so you can grab your tickets for an amazing night in celebration of Pantego's first craft brewery. If you haven't already, sign up for our mailing list at the top right corner of this page!

Please do us a huge favor, and share our Indiegogo link with all of your friends and family that you love experiencing great beer with. With a little help from you, we'll be raising a glass alongside you in our taproom and beer garden soon!


Friday, March 3, 2017

Building a Brewery: Weeks 38 & 39

I may have mentioned before that technology is not my strong suit. Point being, I made a huge deal last post about y'all signing up for our mailing list, and it turns out we didn't have anything set up to store that info for us. They weren't sent to any nefarious third world email smuggling ring or anything, they just... didn't go anywhere. Whatever magical digital elf that was supposed to be collecting those emails to give to us must have called in sick or something. Anyway, we swapped the elf for the much more reputable MailChimp so that we can update y'all on brewery news, upcoming events, and new blog posts. Even if you gave us your email last time, please do so again now that the blog page is actually paying attention. All joking aside, my sincere apologies for the confusion. Me no do teknolugee; me do beer.

On to the fun stuff - FREE BEER!

Dr. Jeckyll's Beer Lab - 3/4
We will be returning to what is pretty much our second living room, Dr. Jeckyll's Beer Lab in Pantego, TX for another free tasting event from 3-5pm. The beer gods have looked upon us with favor, and I'm proud to announce that nearly our ENTIRE lineup will be available for tasting! That means you can dive into a sample of Gone Toobin' Pale Ale, wrap your taste buds around Friday Night White witbier, savor the flavor of Pantego Porter, stroll through the Pacific Northwest hop fields with Victory or Death IPA, and cozy on up to the ever popular Bigger NTX Stout. Our Saison, Prairie Sky is sitting this weekend out getting extra good and tasty for y'all, so look for this one at a few events later on this month. Make sure to bring your empty growlers, because Dr. Jeckyll's has 40 of the finest taps of local and American craft beer available for tasters, pints, and growler fills. They also have an amazing kitchen called Supernatural Cafe serving up all kinds of delicious culinary concoctions. We may even get crazy and do some food pairing with New Main beer!

What's On Tap Highland Village - 3/18
We like to spread our beer love around, so we'll be dropping in on some of our north DFW fans in Highland Village for a free tasting event at What's On Tap on Saturday, March 18th. Depending on how much beer we fly through at Jeckyll's, we will probably have the entire 6 beer lineup available to taste with a couple of the special treatments of our IPA and Stout. For die-hard fans, yes that means we'll be pouring tasters of the infamous Pineapple Bigger NTX Stout. What's On Tap is another fine growler bar and craft beer haven serving dozens of craft beers, a few ciders and meads, and even some rootbeer for the kiddos. Can't wait to ring in St. Paddy's day with y'all at What's On Tap!

LUCKapalooza 3.0 - 3/19
As if one free tasting wasn't enough to celebrate the most Irish day of the year, we're packing up the wagon and heading over to LUCK Dallas on Sunday, March 19th for their annual music and beer festival, LUCKapalooza 3.0. The fine folks at LUCK stop at nothing to promote local music, delicious food, and DFW craft beer, and this event is no exception. We'll be pouring most if not all of our beers again alongside some other amazing craft breweries that are new on the scene. This is the perfect brunch event to recuperate from Saturday St. Paddy's Day shenanigans with a little hair-of-the-dog and some great home-grown tunes and food.

We are still fine tuning the details for a few more events this month, so make sure we have your email address so we can fill you in. We want to give a huge thank you and shout out to On Tap in Arlington for an amazing event with some great craft beer fans. We are proud to be sharing in the tremendous growth of the Arlington craft beer scene, and as we keep saying, it's a damn good time to be a craft beer fan. Cheers!

P.S. - We have some extremely exciting news that we are GoGoing to announce on Monday, so you definitely want to sign up for our mailing list to be the first to hear...

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Building A Brewery: Weeks 36 & 37

Before you read any further, sign up for our MAILING LIST at the top right corner of this page so you don't miss out on special events and news! Seriously, do it NOW! 


The good thing about opening a brewery as opposed to any other type of business is that the plethora of "I NEED A BEER" moments are usually remedied quickly. Thankfully, we are starting to move into phases of work wherein we are actually accomplishing something other than spending inordinate amounts of time staring at spreadsheets and rule books. Plus, we're about to start another round of our favorite thing... 


On Tap - Arlington 2/25
We are kicking off another round of free tastings at the end of the month with an event on Saturday, February 25th at On Tap in downtown Arlington from 2pm-4pm. On deck will be Gone Toobin' Pale Ale, Pantego Porter, and if you're extra good we'll include Victory or Death IPA. Come on out to On Tap, Arlington's newest craft growler bar that boasts 50 taps of craft beer, cider, and even cold brew coffee! Plus, the staff are great folks that are super knowledgeable about everything on their tap wall.

Dr. Jeckyll's Beer Lab - Pantego 3/4
The very next weekend, we'll be returning to our home-away-from-home, Dr. Jeckyll's Beer Lab for a free tasting event Saturday, March 4th from 3pm-6pm. For those of y'all that haven't been before (or haven't read this blog ever), Dr. Jeckyll's is a homebrew supply and 40 tap growler bar nestled in the heart of our hometown, Pantego. Aside from a killer craft tap list, they feature out of this world food from Supernatural Cafe, dart boards, a pool table, and just about the best damn beer drinkers to be found. We should be able to add our Friday Night White witbier to the menu for this event.

What's On Tap - Highland Village - 3/17 or 3/18
Make sure to add New Main to your Saint Patrick's Day weekend plans, because we'll be pouring free tastings at What's On Tap in Highland Village the weekend of March 18th. We'll try to bring some of the highly anticipated variants to our IPA, Witbier, and Stout to this event. If oak-aged IPA, rosemary sage witbier, and pineapple stout strike your fancy, you better not miss this event! Something something lucky, something something Irish!

LUCKapalooza 3.0 - 3/19
The very next day, Sunday March 19, we will be participating in LUCKapalooza 3.0 at LUCK Trinity Groves in Dallas from 11am to 4pm. The fine folks at LUCK are presenting an all-day concert festival complete with local craft beer, free tastings by yours truly and a few of our fellow up-and-coming DFW breweries, and of course the finest food around. Should be the perfect way to shake off St. Paddy's day and ease on into the week.

We are still adding a few venues in between for tasting events, so stay tuned to our social media pages in the coming weeks. You'll have plenty of opportunities to come sample the latest and greatest that we have to offer y'all. We may even begin some light work on our brewery building in the meantime, so for those of y'all willing to work for your beer, make sure we have your email addresses. 

For that matter, everyone who wants to stay up to date with our progress #buildingabrewery should sign up for our mailing list so that you'll be the first to know when we have news to report or beer to pour. Just head to the top right corner of this page, and enter your info. We promise we won't spam, just updates on the brewery and our upcoming events. Cheers!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Building a Brewery: Weeks 34 & 35

I believe it's healthy to maintain a sense of awe and respect for your business, no matter how big or small your company may be. Starting a company (let alone a brewery) has given me countless opportunities to marvel at the herculean task ahead of us, but I hope several years down the road when we're up to our ears in beer I can still manage to regard New Main as the formidable beast I see before me right now. It can only be tamed by the hard work, determination, and support of everyone involved. When I look at our team of family and friends, let me tell you, I am encouraged.

Behind the Scenes
Every now and then I mention "boring behind the scenes stuff" that we accomplish week to week. Though all of this stuff is vital to the brewery, it doesn't make for exciting reading material for all of you. That is, of course, unless tax prep, company documents, financial planning, loan applications, utility quotes, and town meetings get you all fired up. If that's the case, then boy do we have some news for you! But in the interest of keeping all of our readers awake, let's move on to beer talk.

Beer Talk
The Porter and Pale Ale we brewed a few weeks ago is now ready for drinking! We're excited not only to have real live beer to pour, but because this was our first chance brewing our recipes with our source water from Pantego. It may or may not surprise you to learn that Pantego is on a well water system, which in this part of the world means the water is imbued with a variety of minerals that lend well to certain styles of beer without any adjustment. We are dialing in all of our recipes so that we produce the same, delicious beer batch after batch. On deck next will be our gold-medal-winning Saison, another round of our IPA, and a fresh batch of the ever-popular Stout.

Speaking of Talk...
David will be making a guest appearance on the Mark Joeckel Show tomorrow afternoon at about 3:30pm. You can listen to it on your radio on KFJZ 870AM and 102.5FM. You can also watch a live video of the show on their Facebook page here. We're so excited to be talking about our new business with these folks, and we're even more excited to be able to bring some beer to try with everyone. Don't miss the opportunity to catch a glimpse of what New Main has in store!

We are about to start hitting y'all with some major updates for the brewery and a schedule of our upcoming beer tasting events. We know many of y'all reach this blog through our social media links, but we want to make sure you're the first to know when exciting new details get announced. Sign up for our Email List at the top right corner of this page so you don't miss a single post. Cheers!