Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The rumors are true!

After months and months of research, after countless brewdays and hours spent talking with friends, after days, weeks, months of "what if," we have finally decided...

New Main Brewing is going pro.

Amanda and I are pleased to announce that we are planning to open New Main Brewing Company in the Mid-Cities region of DFW. We have not arrived at this decision lightly, and we are not messing around. We have been working with some local brewers for background information, local business owners for legal info, and our network of friends in the brewing industry and community for general planning advice. We are committed to opening and running an exceptional brewing business that produces great beer and provides our community with an outstanding place to share a pint with each other.

While we were investigating if this was going to work or not, a lot of things fell into place to convince us that the time is now. We were very fortunate to stumble upon Empire Commercial Real Estate while scoping out potential locations. They are just as excited as we are at the prospect of our community having its own brewery and taproom, and they are helping us find our brewery's location. We can't wait to start planning our site and building!

We were also lucky to have such a great network of friends both through the blog and through other homebrewing competitions. We will be bringing on our friend and award-winning homebrewer Kyle Nelson of Steel Rain Beer as our Head Brewer as well as his wife Erin to help us on the financial and marketing side of the business. Take a moment to go read through Steel Rain Beer's blog to learn about these amazing people. We are excited to bring them along with us on this crazy journey, and we can't wait for all of you to meet them!

We call ourselves New Main Brewing for a few reasons. First, it is a callback to a family story of mine wherein a couple of brothers (my grandfather and great uncle) spent some quality time planting trees on New Main Drive at Texas A&M College. Those trees shaded my sister, my brothers, and me on our way to our classes serving as a reminder of the value of hard work and the importance of focus. Secondly, we wanted to describe the type of craft beer experience we wanted to share with all of you.

Our beer will follow a simple layout of 6 "Main" beers with a few specific "New" treatments for each style. Over the next few months we will have several tasting parties to get your feedback on each beer and its variants, so you will have the opportunity to have a hand in determining our tap lineup! We are planning on some favorite styles like Stout and Porter, but we will also offer some exciting Belgian styles like Saison and Witbier.

We will also feature a VIP club for the taproom. For a monthly membership fee, you will have first access to new beer releases, discounts on pint and growler purchases, swag, and exclusive raffle drawings. We will also hold a VIP-only party before our grand opening to thank all of you with your very own celebration. More on that later.

We are still at the very beginning of this journey, and we thank all of you for your continued support of our homebrew team as well as our blog. Thus far, interacting with you all has been a tremendously helpful and rewarding part of our homebrewing hobby, and I can't overstate how grateful we are for that. We can't wait to meet even more of you at our several upcoming tasting parties and fundraising events over the next few months.

Now here's the part where y'all come in.

Starting a brewery is going to take a lot of time, a lot of effort, and A LOT of capital. We are going to have several opportunities for y'all to help us make this dream a reality. First, we are accepting donations through our new company Facebook page for a variety of levels. Your generous donation will go directly into funding our brewery, but there are several perks of donating at this stage available as well. For example, a donation of $5-$25 will earn you a New Main Brewing Company sticker and a thank you card. A $100 donation will  not only earn you a snazzy sticker, but you'll also be immortalized by a plaque on our wall of supporters, which will be prominently displayed in the brewery taproom. A $150 donation will secure your very own personalized bar stool in the taproom, as well as the aforementioned sticker. Seriously, we like the stickers.

We also have opportunities for y'all to spend some quality time with us at the brewery. A donation of $500 will earn you a party at the brewery for you and up to 100 of your friends. If you have a larger group of friends, coworkers, or colleagues, a donation of $1,000 will secure a party for up to 200 at the brewery. Think rehearsal dinners, retirement gifts, company party, or just pool some funds together with your friends! For those of you more interested in the brewing process, a donation of $2,500 will give you the chance to brew a recipe with New Main Brewing Company as a brewer-for-the-day on our commercial system and a party to share your beer with all your friends and family. 

If none of that is really your style, we'll have several opportunities for you to come volunteer at the brewery as well, once it's built of course. We will have several beers that will require ingredient preparation, and we'd be happy to exchange your help for some beer. We'll also have volunteer opportunities for kegging, cleaning, special event staff, and taproom activities. Make sure to keep an eye on our social media for these opportunities as they will be first come, first serve.

We will kick it all off with a t-shirt sale through booster.com featuring our logo on the front and "Coming Soon, Thanks to Me!" on the back so you can brag to your friends about the brewery you're helping to build. In the mean time, make sure to like and follow us on all of our social media so you can keep up with our ongoing process. We plan to share all the ups, downs, and sidewayses we encounter, and we welcome your feedback every step of the way. This is our dream, but we want this to be our community's brewery. 

We believe beer is about people, and we're excited to share this experience with all of you. Please follow us on our journey!

Facebook - New Main Brewing Co.
Twitter - @TheNewMainBrew
Instagram - newmainbrewing
Snapchat - TheNewMainBrew

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