Thursday, October 6, 2016

Building a Brewery: Week 16 & 17

Well, I sure went and stepped in it. I've been telling y'all up and down for the past month that as soon as we have a location, y'all would be the first to know. And here, I've let 2 weeks go by without officially announcing it on the blog. Well, I've fully blown the suspense now, but...


In all fairness, those of y'all who came out to Pantegofest were the first to find out about our location. Plus, we posted a few times to Facebook and Instagram that we have our brewery. But I DID promise y'all I'd write about it, so here goes.

Our brewery's address is 3533 Marathon Street, Pantego, Texas 76013. A few of you may recognize this building as the Velociti Fitness League's gym or before that as the Cheerleading Unlimited Facility. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for us their time has passed, and we now have a great location to build our brewery. We took our time throughout the location search process because we wanted a place that would not only be a great brewery but also an excellent place for our fans to hang out and relax. We are extremely excited about getting to work on this facility to fix it up to be the best damn brewery in DFW, maybe even the world. Probably the world.

Some of the features of this location that we're especially stoked about:

 - Free standing, two-story structure in the middle of the main space will serve as a cold room/bar/conversation room on the first level and a taproom seating area on the second level overlooking the entire brewery (in the air-conditioned interior).

 - Second story office suite with large conference room/special event party room. Think weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, yoga, you name it.

 - Backyard patio/beer garden for a nice relaxed time sharing pints outside under the Texas sky.

 - Plenty of open space adjacent to the building (included with the lease) for overflow parking, outdoor events like concerts, homebrew competitions, chili cook-offs, taco festivals, etc.

There is plenty of work for us to do to turn this great building into a great beer production facility and family hang-out. We'll have a few pros coming on board to do the real heavy lifting (and if you or anyone you know is a contractor of any type, get in touch with us), but we're planning on having a few events at the brewery before we open where volunteers can come roll up their sleeves and help us with things like painting, deck building, decorating, yard game building, and some more stuff that will probably come up. I'm sure y'all know by now, but we pay our volunteers in beer, so booyah.

As you can imagine, renovating a building and building our actual brewery is not cheap, but we've been working very hard to get our funding set up. We plan to launch a Kickstarter very soon so that y'all can be a part of our journey in exchange for some awesome swag, opportunities to secure your seat at our taproom bar, naming of various parts of the brewery, all the way up to actually brewing a beer with us! 

We've wasted no time drawing up our big plans for the brewery. This is an incredibly busy but supremely exciting time for all of us at New Main Brewing Company, and we certainly want to share our elation with all of y'all. Please come out and support us at our upcoming tasting events:

Our next pouring event will be at the Viridian Farmers Market, Craft Beer Experience, and Pumpkin Patch on Saturday, October 15th in Arlington. We will be offering fresh tastings of our Pale Ale, Porter, IPA, and Stout, and of course getting all basic up in there with some pumpkin-type things. 

The following weekend, we have the honor and privilege of pouring our beer at LUCK's 3rd Anniversary Party at Trinity Groves in Dallas. We've been going to LUCK since they opened 3 years ago for their outstanding menu and expertly curated beer list featuring only local Texas craft breweries. We are so thrilled to wish everyone at LUCK a happy anniversary while we pour our beer alongside many other up-and-coming breweries in the DFW area. If you want to get an idea for what the next 3 years will bring to the DFW craft brew scene, this event is an absolute necessity.

We will also be pouring at Martin House's 4th annual Booery Tour Saturday, October 29th at their brewery along the banks of the Trinity in Fort Worth. This is another event where the new kids on the block get to flex their muscles and introduce their beers to the masses. We should have a fresh batch of the Wit to add to our lineup for this event, and we may even get crazy with some of the variations we've been talking about. I'm told the costume contest at the Booery Tour has some stiff competition, so bring your A-game. No tricks, all treats, great beer, and good eats. See y'all there!

Special Announcement!

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"Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer."
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