Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Building a Brewery: Week 6&7

"Hey David, you didn't post a blog last week. Are you dying?"

No, I've just been busier than a couple of rabbits on their honeymoon lately. Between crazy projects and deadlines at work and celebrating Mrs. New Main's new job, we've managed to push the brewery plans forward inch by inch. Here are some highlights:

We at Atypical DFW Podcast got the chance to sit down with our friend Jourdan of Beardos Beard Oil and Balm to talk about some exciting new product lines he's coming out with. He's also recently partnered up with Mudvayne and Audiotopsy's guitarist Greg Tribbet to work on a new venture called Third Eye Visions offering skin care, hair care, and other fine personal care products. Jordan is a huge fan of our pineapple stout, so we cracked a few and talked about everything they have in store in the coming months.  Their passion for making an excellent product is contagious! Check these guys out if you haven't already. They'll be at the Viridian Farmers Market July 23 and Jourdan will be MCing the first annual Bearded Lady Beard Contest in Denton on August 13 behind the East Side Denton bar.

Business Stuff
We're working on setting up our accounting, legal, and insurance relationships for New Main. Not many of y'all give a hoot about that, but it's a big step for us to establish the company. This is our dream, and we're not half-assing it. If it's taking a while, it's only because we want to enter into this thing with as few surprises as possible. Please be patient while we work out all of the behind the scenes stuff, and we'll reward you with beer. Promise.

T-shirt Selfies
We've received a bunch of great photos of y'all with your new shirts, but we also have a bunch of folks that chose to have their shirts sent to us that haven't received them yet. In the interest of a level playing field, we'll postpone selecting our VIP membership winner until everyone receives their shirts. Sorry for the hiccup, but to be fair we're better known for our beer than our selfie contests.

Brewers Guild Meeting
We had a great time at Community Beer Company in Dallas this week for our monthly Texas Craft Brewers Guild meeting. Slow Bone BBQ was provided by one of the members, Community poured beer for everyone, and we brought up a couple growlers of the Porter and Saison to share with our future peers. Hang outs like guild meetings are good for the soul, especially when all I've been doing lately is paperwork and business stuff. That's all important, but these meetings help to remind us why we're doing this in the first place. Beer is about people, plain and simple. We had great chats with folks from Noble Rey, Martin House, Oak Highlands, Humperdinks, Community, some suppliers, and an awesome "beer lawyer" from our neck of the woods (any chance to talk about the glory that is H-E-B should be seized). The genuine-ness of each of these people is reassuring at the least and inspiring at the most.

We received word from Martin House that the first round of judging for the Riverside Shootout that Kyle and I entered just before announcing our brewery plans should be complete. While we don't know whether our two beers are moving on or not, the MH guys said winners will be announced the early part of August. On another note, we won't be entering Deep Ellum's Labor of Love competition this year. It's been a ton of fun in the past, but we don't have the time to invest in preparing for the competition and pouring event this year. Good luck to all of you planning on competing!

Stay cool, be excellent to each other, and for those of y'all chasing down Pokemon, be safe and have fun. Hopefully we'll see you amazing people at our next tasting events!

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