Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Building a Brewery: Week 8

FREE BEER tasting at J R Bentley's English Pub

As you may have heard, we are having a free beer tasting at J R Bentley's in beautiful Downtown Arlington this Friday, July 29th starting at 7PM. Bentley's is one of our favorite local pubs for craft beer, great food, and bar games. We always have a great time there, and this Friday will be no exception!

Come in Friday evening and grab one of Bentley's awesome appetizers (the fresh cut pub chips are our favorite), a hearty dinner (some of the best burgers around), or choose from one of the many fine Texas craft beers on their draft wall from our brewing brothers and sisters. Here's their full menu. Any of these purchases will grant you a free tasting card with 4 spaces on it. You can sample each of our beers, or if you're just crazy about a certain style, feel free to use your whole card on any beer! You can sample from any of our four offerings:

Pale Ale

35 IBU   5.5% ABV
A light and pleasant bready malt backbone allows the Centennial hops flavor and aroma to shine through in our American Pale Ale. This beer is an excellent companion for hikes, cookouts, or any occasion where you'd reach for flavor and drinkability. A classic American favorite.


70 IBU   6.3% ABV
A touch darker, sweeter, and more exotic than the Pale Ale, this full bodied American IPA boasts a rich body to support massive amounts of citrus, pine, and tropical fruit from American hops. This is one beer you'll want to savor with your eyes as well as your mouth!


32 IBU   6.1% ABV
Sir Isaac Newton once said, "Nature is pleased with simplicity." Apple guy sure got this one right! Our gold-medal-winning Saison showcases the excellent yeast characteristics one expects from this style while balancing a simple malt bill against bright citrus hop flavor and aroma.


33 IBU   6.3% ABV
New Main Brewing Co. firmly believes there is no light without the dark. This award-winning porter offers a sumptuous tan head, ruby colored highlights in your glass, a pleasant chocolate and roasty aroma, and an enticingly dry finish beckoning your next sip.

Bentley's is a Pokestop!
If free beer wasn't enough to entice you, J R Bentley's is also a Pokestop, for those of y'all who gotta catch 'em all. I'll even throw a few lures out to help y'all find some rare Pokemanz while you're enjoying our beer. Yes, we too have fallen pray to the PoGo craze, but in all fairness, what better way to work off our craft beer calories than to walk a few miles and tell folks about our brewery?

We will also have a few extra New Main Brewing t-shirts for sale ($25 each), some NMBC stickers, and possibly some other swag. If you're thinking about coming alone, go grab a friends, relatives, coworkers, heck, even your new best friend you found while playing Pokemon Go, and get your butts to J R Bentley's!

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