Monday, August 8, 2016

Building a Brewery: Week 9

Funny thing, when you're building a brewery - or starting any business for that matter - you don't really see your free time the same way anymore. Those precious hours between responsibilities and plans that used to be carefree and recharging now become guilt-soaked periods of "you should be doing xyz..." Still, the good thing about working on your passion nearly 24/7 is that it leaves you with just enough fatigue to justify actually doing nothing with some of your free time. And that is the over-thought and weakly-justified reason that I didn't write or post this update last week. :-P

Tasting at J R Bentley's
Our free tasting at J R Bentley's English Pub could not have gone any better. We were thrilled to see some of our fans again that have followed us from the beginning, and we were further encouraged by just how many of y'all were meeting New Main Brewing for the first time. Thanks to some networking on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we were able to add our tasting party to an impressive list of events going down that Friday. 

I want to especially thank those of y'all who found out about our tasting in the Facebook group DFW Let's Talk Craft Beer, Matt Dixon of NTX Beer Week and the Dallas Brew Bus and Brian Brown's site Beer in Big D. The folks behind these sites keep running tabs on all of the craft beer industry's news and tirelessly churn out exhaustive lists of events for the inquisitive craft beer drinker. Thanks for doing what you do, folks! We're planning our next tasting at the moment, but once we have a date and location we will let y'all know through our social media.

Finally on Untappd!
After fumbling around for a few hours, I've finally uploaded our beer to our very own brewery page on Untappd. Previously, all of our homebrew was uploaded to my homebrewery page, New Main Brewing, but we've joined the craft brewing industry by adding "Company" on our new page. We have the following beers ready for you to check-in: Victory or Death Pale Ale, Gone Toobin' IPA, Runaway Scrape Porter, and Prairie Sky Saison. We are keeping with the theme that makes the most sense to our brewery staff and crew, all of us having lived all over the great state of Texas. It just makes sense to capture what we love about Texas in our beer, from its incredible history, to its natural beauty, to the ways we Texans have our fun. We will be adding the rest of our beers as we continue the brewery-opening journey, so make sure to "Like" our brewery so you can brag about having tried all of our beer before everyone else. 

Atypical DFW Podcast
We got back to beer basics last week on Atypical DFW Podcast with Certified Cicerone Ryan Martin. Talking about beer is one of my favorite things to do, second only to brewing beer. Whenever we have Ryan and other beer-centric guests on the show, I immensely enjoy the content we put out. This week was no exception as we delved into the impact of AB Imbev/Moulson-Coors/SAB Miller/Miller-Coors/blahblahblahbigbeer's recent merger on the craft beer industry. We also turn the tables on our resident Cicerone as we ask him to critique the abomination that is Smirnoff Ice's alcohol-infused sports drink. As you would imagine, colorful language and hilarity ensued.

Pantegofest, September 24th
We are proud to announce we will be participating in Pantegofest on Saturday, September 24th in beautiful Pantego, Texas. This awesome community event celebrates the diverse town-within-a-town with all kinds of festivities, featuring live music, a steak cook-off, a VIP Craft Beer sampling tent, and several inflatable attractions for the kiddos. We will be pouring free samples of our beer like we do at our tastings, and we will also be selling some awesome shirts and other apparel to help out with the Texas summer heat (that we all know carries on well into October). Mark your calendars now because this event should be a freaking blast. We are going to be brewing like crazy to make sure to have plenty for everyone to sample. See y'all there!

Brewing with Division
On Sunday, I was granted a rare and valuable opportunity to brew with the big boys at Division Brewing in Arlington, Texas. Sean Cooley invited me to share in brewday responsibilities alongside cellarman Chris Morgan as we brewed Division's English dark mild, Distant Cousin. The joys of homebrewing are amplified not only by the *MUCH* larger batch size, but also by the prospect of thousands of DFW residents enjoying the fruits of our labor soon. Brewers bring beer to the people, and it's experiences like this one that reinforce the notion that I am in fact doing what I love to do. Immense thanks to Sean, Wade, Chris, and everyone at Division for allowing me to help y'all create craft beer in Arlington. If you haven't been to Division Brewing yet, quit wasting your life and get there ASAP to discover the wide array of amazing hand-crafted beer they brew and pour just for you!

That's all for this week (or last week, if you're keeping score). As previously mentioned, we will be brewing again very soon, so keep an eye out for some action shots on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Don't forget to log our beer on your Untappd profile as well! Cheers!

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