Friday, September 2, 2016

Building a Brewery: Week 12

Ahhh, autumn. The summer is officially over, the leaves start to change color, our thoughts turn to darker beers and bonfires. Oh, and literally pumpkin spice everything. We are gearing up for a fall filled with New Main beer and opportunities for y'all to help us spread the word about our brewery.

Brewing like Madmen
The last week has seen three separate brew sessions to get some of our heavier offerings ready for our upcoming pouring events. I brewed two batches of our Stout and a double batch of the Porter to have ready in time for Pantegofest, Viridian Farmers Market and Craft Beer Experience, and a few other events we are anticipating in the coming months. Thanks to a killer sale on fermenters, I was able to snag 4 brand new vessels that should make the coming ramp-up in production run smooth. I am happy to report all 4 currently house New Main beer chugging happily away through primary fermentation. We plan to have plenty of each base beer available on draft at our events, but we will also be rolling out some variations of each beer to give you a taste of what New Main is really about - pushing the envelope.

Our beer will offer something for everyone in the way of styles. As many of you who have had the fortune to attend our tastings know, our six base beers will be Saison, Witbier, Pale Ale, IPA, Porter, and Stout. Once you try each beer and find your "main" beer, we will gradually roll out "new" versions of that beer for you to compare to the original for a deeper appreciation of the base style and flavors imparted by the special treatment. These new versions will come in four categories: Fruited, Spiced, Wood-Aged, and Spirited. 

At our upcoming events, you can expect us to complement our base stout with our widely popular pineapple stout, a winter-spiced (not pumpkin) version, and an oak-aged version as well. For the stout's Spirited offering, we have been conditioning 1792 barrel-aged stout for the past few months, and I believe the time is near at hand for cracking open one or two of those bad boys. You see, folks? With a little patience and creativity, one beer has now become five, each as different as the next but all born of the same brew. There's a lesson in there somewhere...

We also have our award-winning Porter coming soon to glasses near you. We are still working on some special treatments for this beer that will delight and intrigue, but we have pulled off some pretty awesome variations in the past that I think are worth revisiting. Did someone say hatch chile peppers? Yes. Yes they did. I'm thinking of rustling up a few other South Texas influences to contribute to the Porter portfolio, so stay tuned to find out what kind of creations come out of our carboys.

Don't worry, we will also see the return of the lighter-colored beers as well. I hope to knock out a batch of Witbier this weekend and we'll have more of our hoppier brews available in the coming weeks as well. With those styles, fresher really is better, so we're waiting until the last possible second to brew those to maximize their quality. We just needed to get some of the heavy hitters brewed and conditioning to perfection first.

Even though we love our Craft Beer adventures
in Fort Worth, we promise our brewery
will be located in the Arlington area!
We have been scouring the Pantego-Dalworthington Gardens-Arlington commercial real estate listings lately to find the best candidate for our brewery's location. We have narrowed the search down to a few exciting prospects, and we're currently working out the details of securing our favorite. While I can't really offer you anything specific at the moment, I can say that announcement should be very soon to follow. I can also say that we are staying true to our promise of locating the brewery in the neighborhood that taught us how to brew and drink, right here in the DWG-Pantego-Arlington area.

Now that the business plan is in its final stages of polishing, we will be discussing our funding options with banks and investors very soon. After several seasons worth of Shark Tank binge-watching, some well placed advice from trusted confidants and friends, and lots of conversations with people who have been there before, I feel confident that we will be properly funded and building our actual brewery before the end of the year. As I said last week, things are starting to get pretty damn real around here.

How Can I Help?
We are very lucky to already have so many outstanding fans of our beer. Many of you have already come forward and offered in some capacity to help us with our plans, and I want to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart. This is a HUGE undertaking, and it's certainly one that cannot be done alone. If you've offered any kind of favor or service that I haven't taken you up on yet, please don't think that I'm refusing your help. I'm just incredibly busy and haven't had the time to let you help us yet! For those of you with any kind of experience, service,  "I know a guy", volunteering requests, etc., please shoot me a quick email at with whatever help you have to offer so that I don't forget about you. Rest assured, you will be richly rewarded for your efforts, and we will gladly welcome you to the New Main family.

Probably the most important help we can receive from ANYONE is to wear your New Main Brewing t-shirts out and about! If you're heading to one of the other breweries in the area, wear your shirt and strike up a conversation while waiting in line for your tasty DFW craft beer. If you're heading to a Rangers or Cowboys game, wear your red or blue New Main shirt and tell your entire seating section about us. Tell your favorite bar or watering hole about us, and we just might come do a free tasting there! Just pick one person a day that you live or work with, and mention our name and what we're planning. There are only so many posts we can make on social media, but like and share each one so that your friends and friends of friends will see our name for the first time.

We're building this brewery for the sole purpose of supplying you and everyone you know with outstanding beer, so spread the good news! Come find your New Main.

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