Thursday, September 15, 2016

Building a Brewery Week 14

All is right with the New Main Brewing world. Beer is happily fermenting away, finished beer is carbonating to perfection in the kegerator, ideas for upcoming events are being shared and brought to fruition. It seems this is the calm before the beer storm coming soon to a glass near you. While we prepare for our next wave of pourings, big announcements, and major progress, let's take one last look at our inventory with the quiet excitement one only knows right before their entire world changes.

Location, Location, Location
We have been working very hard in the last few weeks to secure our brewery location. And while it may sound like same song, second verse, we don't have any news on that front quite yet. I can tell you we are very interested in a particular location, and we're working on a proposal for it as we speak. I can tell you it has a lot of potential for our brewery. I can tell you it is very easy to find via major thoroughfares in Pantego/West Arlington/Dalworthington Gardens. But aside from all that, we need to keep mum to cover all our bases. Rest assured, the location we choose for New Main will be an excellent beer production facility, a great place to hang out with friends and family, and will be an interesting and fun addition to the already diverse DFW craft brewing landscape. 

For those of y'all keeping up with this blog, you are well aware of how hard we've been working to brew up a ton of beer for our upcoming events. We now have at least one batch of each of our beers in various stages of the brewing process with the exception of our multiple award-winning saison, which was so popular we plum ran out of it! What that means for you is every beer you try in the next few months at our events will be the freshest offering available, just like we intend for our brewery's taproom. You can get a taste (no pun intended) of what it will be like to sit at our bar and not only enjoy your "Main" go-to beer, but also try some of our "New" treatments. That's right folks, in addition to our 6 Main beers, we will have a few special versions available at our upcoming events for you to taste and compare. It's kind of our thing. 

Where can you find us?
We will be pouring our beer at Pantegofest Saturday, September 24th in beautiful Pantego, Texas. Pantego is a town within a town, nestled in west-central Arlington. It's incredibly easy to get to from Spur 303 Pioneer Parkway and/or Bowen Road, and the festival will be held on Park Row near Pantego Christian Academy. Do yourself a favor and get your tickets now for the VIP beer tent so that you can try all we have to offer. Then stick around for the steak cook-off, live music, and other great attractions in town. 

We will also be pouring our beer at the Viridian Farmers Market, Craft Beer Experience, and Pumpkin Patch on October 15th at the Viridian in north Arlington. Viridian is a master planned community just north of I-30 on Collins that offers running/hiking trails along the Trinity River, small boat sailing on some of its picturesque lakes, and a great community center where you can relax and have a drink or two with friends.  We can't wait to set up our booth, pick out a pumpkin or two, and share some of our fall-themed variations with y'all. Make sure to check out the Facebook event for more information. 

We have also confirmed that we will be pouring our beer at Martin House's Boo-ery Tour (in costume, of course) Halloween weekend. This event is one of the best events we've ever found to learn about new breweries in DFW before they ever open their doors. Hell, it's where we met Dirty Job Brewing and HopFusion Ale Works to name just a few! In addition to tasting some amazing beer, you can also participate in a costume contest and win prizes. You can expect no tricks, only treats from New Main, and we can't wait to pour some beer for y'all. 

We've also been speaking with a couple local craft beer bars and tap houses about hosting a few more tasting events in the coming months. We don't have anything on paper yet, but we're hoping to set up tastings throughout October and November so you can have plenty of chances to snag some of our special limited edition variations before the holidays. 

As we continue this insanely awesome journey to opening our doors, I want to thank all of you who are going out of your way to keep up with our progress. It's always a joy when y'all tell us you're reading the blog or listening to our podcast. This is easily the biggest undertaking we've ever started, and we are nowhere near the finish line yet, but your constant support gives us the energy and passion to keep on keepin' on. We promise to repay you with free beer at our upcoming events, so come out and see us. Cheers!

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