Thursday, June 30, 2016

Building a Brewery: Week 4

Well, just over a month has passed since we began posting our progress on the blog. Our t-shirts are now shipping and/or shipped, we're diving headlong into financial stuff for our business plan, and we're finding a location for our next tasting event to share our award winning beer with y'all.

T-shirts and a contest!
As I just mentioned, everyone who ordered a t-shirt from our campaign should be receiving them very soon. In fact, you may want to check your front door. Once again, a million thanks for everyone who supported us financially, on social media, telling family & friends, or just in spirit. We're doing this to share our beer with y'all. For those of y'all who bought a shirt, we have one further request that won't cost you another dime, and may earn you a pretty sweet return on your investment. When you get your shirt, we want to see your smiling faces on social media! Snap a quick selfie, group photo, parkour video, planking, street magic, cartwheeling, or whatever you love to do wearing your beautiful New Main Brewing t-shirt. 

Make sure to tag New Main Brewing because we will select the best, most creative, or most hilarious photo from all of our supporters, and that person will win a one-year pass for our VIP club, complete with 3 free growler fills, first access to new beers before they're released, and some great New Main Brewing swag. Get your NMBC t-shirt photo in pronto, because we will make our selection by July 15th!

Drinks Play
We also had a freaking BLAST playing with Blake of Drinks Play last Friday for a live stream through Twitch. We crushed some Mario Kart, Amanda & Blake teamed up for Donkey Kong Country 2, Blake magicked his way through Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, and we had some hilarious reactions to the latest virtual reality jump-scare games through Sony. We of course had plenty of New Main Brewing's Wit and Stout on hand for liquid courage. We can't wait to do another live-streaming event with Blake and Drinks Play soon, so we will let y'all know when to tune in and interact with us in real time!

Tasting Events
We are currently looking for a new location to host a tasting party. Not that we don't love Dr. Jeckyll's and Kool Keg, because we REALLY do, but we want to get out and meet some more folks and pour free beer for everyone. We're looking at a couple more Arlington places as well as our Head Brewer's favorite place in Highland Village. If any of y'all have suggestions, feel free to comment on this blog or our Facebook page, and we'll see if we can set it up with the owners. 

If you haven't checked out Atypical DFW Podcast yet, WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! The podcast is free on iTunes, Podbean, Mixlr, anywhere you can get your podcasts. You get to hear us talk every week about local beer, weigh in on whatever crazy things making news each week, we bring in great guests from the Texas brewing scene and industry, and we're currently working through a series of blind taste-testing of the many different styles of beer Texas breweries are producing. 

Tonight (Thursday June 30th) we will be LIVE with Sleepy Panther Bottle Shop owner Cristall Heisch to check out the various Kolsch style beers that Texas breweries are putting out there. We are super excited about this show, and it will be a blast so make sure you tune in live, and hit up the chat while you're at it! Don't forget to stop by Sleepy Panther Bottle Shop on Magnolia in Fort Worth!

Oh, and it's Atypical DFW Podcast creator Jason's birthday today! We'll be handing out some birthday swats for sure! Happy birthday buddy!

That's all for this week. We've been busy with a few more mundane details of building a business like insurance, legal, accounting, etc. which doesn't exactly make for riveting reading material. Rest assured, New Main Brewing is continuing towards its destination one step at a time. Til next week!

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