Thursday, June 23, 2016

Building a Brewery: Week 3

I'd like to start off this week with sincere thanks to everyone who supported our first fundraiser and bought a shirt from us. Together we raised over $5,000 that will go directly towards our equipment fund. We were certainly humbled by the process, but encouraged by everyone's interest in helping us make this dream a reality. Shirts should be printing now, and will be shipped by the first week of July. Make sure to snap a picture with your shirt when it arrives and post it on our Facebook page!

Tasting Event at Dr. Jeckyll's Beer Lab
I brought our beerhemoth out to Dr. Jeckyll's last Friday to share some beer with everyone. I had the base wit (without spice), Centennial Pale Ale, our Stout, and a few bottles of our bourbon barrel aged stout as well. We are very fortunate to continue to see new faces each time we pour, so keep up the good work mentioning us to all your friends! The next time we have a tasting event, we should have our award winning beers available: Kyle's gold medal Saison and my best-in-show Porter. Stay tuned!

Business Plan
We met with the Small Business Development Center in Arlington to get some pointers on our business plan last week. Our representative took the time to explain common pitfalls, pros and cons, and general structuring advice that should help us polish up the plan and have it ready to show potential investors soon. She was pretty impressed with our research and ideas, but she also gave us good advice and some great resources to back up our assertions and projections. Blah, blah, blah, David get back to the beer! 

Texas Craft Brewers Guild Meeting
Kyle and Amanda joined me at our first ever Texas Craft Brewers Guild North Texas Brewer's night at the Lakewood Brewery and taproom Tuesday evening. Food was catered by Intrinsic (also in Garland) and provided by Country Malt Group, a brewery supply company. We bumped elbows with some of our favorite brewers and had a few folks try our witbier, too. We made a lot of good contacts and gained some sage advice from fellow brewers, and I can't wait for next month's meeting at Community Beer Co. Big thanks to Wim Bens and Lakewood for hosting!

Atypical DFW Podcast
This week's episode of Atypical DFW Podcast featured beer blogger Josh Wright of Fort Worth Brew Scene. Great guy, very knowledgeable about beer, and very passionate about the beer culture our communities are fostering. He produces great material including interviews, news and events, and the occasional reflective post about the state of craft beer in general. We cracked open one of each of New Belgium's 25th anniversary Fat Tire variety pack and discussed the various treatments the collaborating breweries made to the beer. If you have a chance, go pick up a 25th anniversary variety pack, and DEFINITELY go check out!

Drinks Play
This Friday, June 24 we will be participating in another fundraiser, this time at the hands (literally) of Blake Peveto. Blake will be live-streaming some gameplay of a variety of titles through Friday night, fueled by lovely New Main Beer of course. I have word we may even be able to stream some virtual reality gaming as well! Brave Blake will muscle through Friday night and into the wee hours of Saturday morning for your entertainment, so make sure to check it out HERE! Also, make sure you follow @DrinksPlay on twitter and subscribe to their YouTube channel!

Thanks for reading, everyone. See you next week!

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